Fall and Winter 2018/19

November 1, 2018-February 2, 2019

No single event generated enough photos to make the effort of writing a web page worthwhile in the fall or early winter, so, as usual, there is one big update.

First up is a flower and bark study.

Flowers and Fence

Bark #1

Bark #2

Bark #3

Followed by some cousin photos.

Cousin #1

Cousin #2

Cousin #2

In November, we went to the Eagle Festival at Harrison Mills.

Eagle Festival

Eagle Festival

Eagle Festival

In December, we had to be rescued from the Egyptian pyramid at Ellen's work Christmas party.

Ellen and Jim

Sunrise in New Westminster looks a little like Egyptian architecture.

Bird at Sunrise

We met the Fangs at Town Centre Park just before Christmas.

Town Centre Park

Fangs and Scotts

After Christmas, we went to Kamloops and spent most of the time inside doing a "Can You Spot?" puzzle.



We also went to the Hui's Christmas gathering.

Jessica and Ellen

The big news for 2019 is that Ellen and Jim finally decided where they are going to retire. And the answer is... Princeton! We made several trips to confirm the town and lot had what we needed.

Celebration Dinner?




On one trip, we stayed in the 80 year old Riverside Cabins.

Riverside Cabin

We have not been on many walks this year but we did do the "inlet horseshoe".

Old Orchard Park