PNE 2010

August 28, 2010

Tia accompanied us to the PNE this year.

Cotton Candy

Lots of things were spinning at the Peking Acrobats show.

Spinning Tables

Spinning Plates

Stacked Chairs

Stacked Chairs

Ellen wasn't that impressed with the chair act until she found out they were balanced on wine bottles.

On Wine Bottles

I believe this is the first year we saw the Dal Richards Orchestra.

Dal Richards


This is Tia the Alpaca.

Tia the Alpaca


Zorro and Zeldo


After picking up some little donuts, we watched an uninspiring Shrek Stomp in the Swamp.

Those Little Donuts

Concert Stage

The prize home had a nice library this year.

PNE Prize Home

PNE Prize Home Library

We finished the day by sitting at the very top of the Pacific Collisseum for the Superdogs show.