PNE 2009

August 31, 2009

This year Cousin Mikayla and her family accompanied us to the PNE. Unlike the couple sleeping beside Mikayla, we were excited to be at the SuperDogs show.

Mikayla and Jessica

SuperDogs Crowd

Phyllis Diller

Rescued Dog

The show in the Family Theatre this year, Celtic Legends, can be summed up as, "Needs more dancing."

Celtic Legends

Jack met us at the Music Machine just as the parade came by.

Music Machine

Polly Pocket

Punk Parade Performer

Ellen, Rebecca, and Jessica

After risking life and limb for some hydration, we headed towards the barns.

Into the Lion's Mouth

Big Sucker

Big Bovine

How Many Hands High?

Jessica and Mikayla worked the farm to bring home the bacon. Actually, to bring home a juice box.


Group Portrait

We decided not to stay for the evening concert this year, so we headed out along Miller Drive where the sand castles are. Back to our free parking spot.

Sand Castle