Hats Off Day

June 6, 2009

Police led the Hats Off Day parade in North Burnaby Saturday morning.

Vancouver Police

Seattle Police

Seattle Police

Vancouver Police

Followed by the seniors.


Senior Clown

Lady and Gentleman

Honorary Reeve

The dachsunds.

Long-haired Dachsund

And the little people.

Spiderman and Woody

Face-painted in Blue

Then came the firefighters and some cartoon characters.

Fire Truck

Curious George and the Man in Yellow

The military polished up their silver and brass for the event.


Band Leader


The community groups and businesses were well represented.

Italian Beauty

Smiling Alligator

Drum Section

Government Employee

Gizeh Glockenspiel

Yellow Clown

Shriner's ages are inversely proportional to the number of wheels on their rides.

2-Wheeled Shriner

4-Wheeled Shriner

The fitness leader kept her class pumped.

Fitness Class

Fitness Leader

And the vehicles for the Show 'N' Shine brought up the rear



Purple Haze

Triumph TR6

The end.

Ford GT40