Mid-August Events

August 22-26, 2008

For the last game of our "5-Game Pack", Jim and Ellen went to see the Whitecaps defeat the Portland Timbers. We certainly saw Eduardo Sebrango score a lot of goals this year. However, tonight belonged to Nicholas Addlery.

Jim and Ellen at Swangard Stadium

The following week Jim, Ellen, Rebecca and Jessica went camping at Alice Lake near Squamish. We have been intending to camp here ever since we moved to the Lower Mainland, however, we always forget to make a reservation in time. Wouldn't you know it, the year we remember to reserve early enough, the weather was cloudy and rainy and there were lots of empty campsites. Still, it's a very nice campground. We'll have to go back for swimming, sometime.

Jessica in Trailer

Jessica Hiking


Spider and Web

Campfire and Umbrellas