Summer Vacation

July 27 - August 6, 2008

The Beaverlodge Golf Tournament and Family Reunion took place in Sylvan Lake, Alberta this year. On the way there we spent one night at Canoe with Grandma and Grandpa Scott and then a second night at Ghost Reservoir.

Ghost Reservoir

The first day of golfing was very cold and windy.

Beaverlodge Golf

Dinner was served in a large tent this year.



Stacey and Arwen

Gavin and Reg

While we were waiting for dinner, we were invited to a wedding!

Amanda and Mike

Then the guest of honour arrived.


The next day, the weather was much improved and the non-golfers went to the beach while the golfers enjoyed the sun.

Jessica and Kayla


The end of the day found us back in the tent for the closing ceremonies.

Jessica and Kayla

Praying to the Gods of Golf

Our next vacation stop was Mannville to visit cousins Jenna and Mia and their Grandma Laura.

Jenna, Ashton, Jessica, Mia

Jenna and Ashton

Jessica, Jenna and Pony

Laura and Rebecca

We came back via the David Thompson Highway and the Icefields Parkway. We stayed at a roadside campsite near Nordegg before embarking on a mini hotsprings tour. We stayed at Canyon Hotsprings and Nakusp Hotsprings. Nakusp is much nicer than Canyon.

Rebecca at Bow Summit

Jessica and Ellen at Nakusp Hotsprings

Jim and Rebecca at Nakusp Hotsprings




After our hotsprings visits we stopped in Westbank at the Waterslides Campground. Too bad there's no waterslide! But, we did have a swim in Okanagan Lake.

Rebecca in Okanagan Lake

And that was the end of our vacation, as we had to get home to see how Zachary was doing.