Summer Vacation 2007

July 23 - August 3, 2007

Summer vacation began this year at Bromley Rock near Princeton.

Bromley Rock

Bromley Rock

Bromley Rock

Our next stop was at Jewel Lake to meet Kristiana, Joe, Alison, Anna, and Nathan.


Jessica Swimming


Field behind cabins

Jewel Lake Tackle House

Jewel Lake at sunrise

An early bird


Anna and Jessica

Kristiana and Joe

Alison, Jessica, and Rebecca in canoe

Nathan and Jessica in dinghy

Zachary with Ellen's sunglasses

After 2 nights at Jewel Lake, we went to Kokanee Creek on Kootenay Lake.

Seagull at sunrise

From there we went on a day trip to Ainsworth Hotsprings and Kaslo.

Ainsworth Hotsprings warm pool

Ainsworth Hotsprings caves

This coyote had his head in the birdhouse when we first saw him.

Coyote on fence

Jessica enjoyed the treasure hunt on the S.S. Moyie.

Jessica on S.S. Moyie

Other activities while at Kokanee Creek included a daytrip to Nelson and some swimming in the c-c-c-cold lake.

Jessica in Kootenay Lake

After Kokanee Creek, we crossed the lake to Crawford Bay, the site of the 2007 Beaverlodge Golf Tournament.

Osprey 2000

Ellen toured the craft stores of Crawford Bay.

North Woven Broom Company

Golfing took place at Riondel and Balfour this year. The photos are from the Balfour course.

Gavin and Katy





Beaverlodge meeting

Our trip home was fast as Ellen had to be back to work. Our one stop was at Kettle River.

Jessica riding bike on Kettle Valley Railway