Miscellaneous Photos Spring and Summer 2007

February - July, 2007

Grandma Peters celebrated her 76th birthday this year.

Peters Family

Elsie and Jessica

And Jessica celebrated her 5th birthday.

Jessica's Bowling Party

Jessica's Bowling Party

Ellen and Jessica

Jessica and Tia

Jessica and Candles

Rebecca played in the Gordonhead Soccer Tournament in Victoria again this year.

Jessica on Ferry

Jessica learned to skate on the curling rink.

Jessica Skating

Jessica Sitting on Ice

The Moon passed by Venus on May 19.

Crescent Moon and Venus

In addition to the camera surpassing 10,000 photos in June, Jessica graduated from French play school in preparation for French Immersion Kindergarten in the fall.

Jessica's Play School Graduation

Jessica and Madame Carole

Jessica's Play School Graduation

Tia and Jessica

On the Canada Day weekend we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Scott in Anglemont.

Mel and Jessica

Rebecca and Bill

Glen, Ellen, and Rebecca's Wild Ride

All the grandchildren were at the Peters' this July.

Jessica and Mikayla

The Cousins

Also in July, Jessica and Rebecca enrolled in swimming lessons. Zachary is too old.

Jessica and Swim Instructor