Mount Kobau Star Party

August 24-27, 2006

Jim went to the Mount Kobau Star Party alone. Well, not exactly alone. I took 3 telescopes.

Here is what I learned.

After freezing the first night, I decided to stick it out. The second night was enjoyable because it was warmer and I completed my observing list.

I went for a walk on the third day to take some pictures.

Testalinden Lake

The haze in this picture of the Osoyoos valley is smoke from forest fires.


Which got thicker as the day progressed.




The smoke settled into the valleys as the night got colder. But, it also got cold enough to kill the camera battery. The camera would take a picture, but then it would not perform the noise processing to remove the amp noise (purple glow in the upper left corner). Oh, well. If I go back, I now know what not to do.

Milky Way