April 7-9, 2006

Rebecca's team is in a soccer tournament this weekend. Check out the Renegades website for photos.

While everyone else was sleeping Saturday morning, I went for a walk in downtown Victoria. We're staying in the Queen Victoria Hotel, which is right behind the Crystal Court Motel which I remember from when I was a kid.

Crystal Court Motel

Here are a few highlights of my walk.

Queen Victoria

There was someone walking towards me under the blossoms but they crossed the street before I took their picture.


The Premier's parking spot?

Premier's Parking Spot

Sunday morning's pictures are from Beacon Hill Park.



After Sunday morning's game we went back into Victoria to go to the Wax Museum. Jessica was thoroughly enjoying herself but then had to bypass the Chamber of Horrors.

George Bush

Sleepy and Sneezy


Ellen and Jessica at the inner harbour

Our return ferry trip was aboard the Queen of Saanich again. We were accompanied by many seagulls and saw several other ferries. The Queen of Vancouver was headed in the opposite direction.

Soaring Gull

Queen of Vancouver

Our trip to Victoria was very enjoyable and now is a good time of year to go because the hotel rates are still low. Hopefully, we will go back next year.