PNE 2005

95th Anniversary of The Fair!

Grandma and Grandpa Scott went to the PNE with us this year, in addition to the Fangs.

The Freestyle Motocross riders brought two jumps this year and performed in pairs as well as a six rider "train".

Extreme Motocross

Richard's Racers featured pig and duck races and Red the "dog".


We stopped to watch one of the street performers juggling and spinning balls. Grandma thought that the performance was "gross". Ask her why or look at the picture and use your imagination.

Ball Spinner and Assistant

This was the Superdog's 28th year at the PNE and the last with Herb Williams as host. He autographed a Daniel and the Superdogs DVD for us and Jessica has been watching it several times a day.

Herb Williams

This was also the last year for Bring on the Night - A Pyro-Musical Spectacular. The flames provided welcome warmth on a cool summer evening.

Bring on the Night

We are looking forward to next year to see who the new Superdogs host will be and what replaces the Bring on the Night show. We will also have to check out the new Miller Drive section that we missed this year.