PNE 2004

Rediscover the Fair!

We made our annual trip to the PNE today. The prize home was our first stop, as the queue was short. Let's just say it isn't our dream home, but we'll take it if we win.

Next stop was the Superdogs. They're still our favourite show.

Great Dane


Another favourite, Big Bob, brought a friend this year, Peter the Great.

Big Bob and Peter the Great

The Urban Metal Derby featured car and 4x4 racing this year instead of monster trucks. Ellen didn't miss the noise.

Car Racing

The show also featured tugs of war. Yes, there are two trucks in the picture.

Tug Of War

Of course the extreme motocross riders were back. I think I finally have some photos that do them justice. Note the telephone pole in the background.

Extreme Motocross

Extreme Motocross

Ellen and I think that Cirque Pop is going downhill. Among other things, they didn't even bother having a band this year. However, Jessica enjoyed the music and dancing.

Cirque Pop

Cirque Pop

Everyone was tired so we watched "Elton John" at the bandstand for just a few numbers and then took our peanut butter home.

Elton John

Until next year...