South Burnaby Soccer Tournament

March 20-21, 2004

The Icebreakers participated in the South Burnaby Metro Club Invitational Soccer Tournament. The following photos are from the Sunday games.

Coach Craig's strategy session and pep talk started the day off.

Coach Craig's pep talk

I still need practice photographing sports action. Here, the ball is just out of view.

Use your body

After the Icebreakers won the first game of the day we sat and ate pizza while Jessica played at the playground.

Who is that big kid? She sure keeps Jessica amused.

Maris and Jessica

Ellen was 4 for 6 on her playground snapshots. Here are the 4.

Zachary behind bars

Jessica behind Zachary

Thoughtful Jessica

I like the slide

Kelly made several spectacular saves in the second game. One of the best games she has ever played.

Lonely goalkeeper

The exciting action kept Coach Bill on the edge of his seat.

Coach Bill and the substitutes

I missed the second defender and I missed the ball. But it was still one of the highlights of the game for me. Courtney exhibited speed and determination to split the defense.


However, the opposing goalkeeper was determined not to be beaten. With the win, they became group champions.

Opposing goalkeeper

The medal presentation followed the final game.

Medal presentation

Group photo

Proud Medal recipient