2002 Summer Vacation

July 29 - August 17, 2002

We began our vacation with a week at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Anglemont. While there, Lego construction was a popular pastime.

Zachary playing with Lego

The Lego army was on guard most of the week.

Lego army

We also spent a lot of time relaxing.

The Rock

Jessica and Ellen

We drove to Albas for a hike beside the falls.

Jim and Jessica

There is still disagreement as to how many falls there are at Albas. It depends on your definition of what constitutes a waterfall.

Albas falls

When we got to the beach at Albas, Rebecca went swimming,

Rebecca swimming at Albas

and Zachary went wading.

Zachary wading at Albas

Our first stop on the next phase of our vacation was at Golden. It was raining when we arrived, but the sun briefly appeared early the next morning.

Campground at Golden

The next day we travelled to Crimson Lake near Rocky Mountain House. We roasted marshmallows and popcorn over the campfire at night and went swimming and wading in the lake the next morning.

Jessica and Grandma at Crimson Lake

We stayed 3 nights in Devon while we went to West Edmonton Mall. We spent one day at the water park and one day at GalaxyLand.

Water park at West Edmonton Mall

It was just a short drive to Sylvan Lake where we camped 3 nights with the other "Birds" at the Beaver Lodge golf tournament.

Campground at Sylvan Lake

Here is tournament host Robert putting at the 18th green.

Robert putting at the 18th

The new Beaver Lodge trophy went to the Saskatchewan representatives this year.

New Beaver Lodge trophy

On our way home we spent a night visiting Kristiana and Joe in Calgary. After sleeping in such luxury, we didn't want to go back to camping. So, we stayed a night in the Revelstoke Lodge and then one night in Kamloops before arriving home.


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