Golfing at the Wastelands

Eaglequest, Coquitlam

Here are some pictures from Zachary and Jim's trip to the Wastelands golf course on August 16, 2001. The weather was perfect for golf.

The first picture is of Zachary's 40 foot birdie attempt on the par 3 second hole.

Zachary putting at the 2nd green

This tricky green has multiple breaks and Zachary ended up taking a 5.

Here, Zachary lines up the 139 yard third hole. . .

Zachary lining up at the 3rd tee

and drives it to the fringe at the left front of the green.

Zachary drives it to the left fringe

Now, it's Jim's turn. He lines it up . . .

Jim. . . just before he drives it out of bounds

and drives it out of bounds! He has to take a 7 on this hole.

At the end of the day, Jim finishes 9 holes at 12 over and Zachary hits 60 for the first time, 33 over par.


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