My Favourite Things

Kuvasz Dog

    Their height is 28-30 inches. They weigh 100-115 pounds. Their colour is white. Their thighs and the entire tail is covered with hair 4-6 inches long. It is natural for the Kuvasz to lose most of the long coat during hot weather. Full luxuriant coat comes in seasonably, depending on climate, summer coat should not be penalized. Their eyes are dark and the darker the better that's only for the Kuvasz. Their tail carries low. In repose it hangs heavy of course.

    If you want to learn more about dogs go to my school webpage.


    You can find tigers living wild in parts of Russia, China, Indonesia. If you see scratches on trees that is probably a tiger. That means it is a tigers territory so that is like get out of my territory. They can live to about fifteen years old. Cubs can leave their mother at about two / three years old.


    Wolf packs are led by an alpha male and his mate, and they fight other wolves to win their leaders-of-the-pack positions. When wolves raise their tail that means I am the leader of the pack. Leaders of most wild packs are simply parents. The size of a wolf depends on where it lives. In the northern part of their geographical range, wolves tend to grow larger and have thicker fur and bigger feet. Northern wolves can weigh up to 130 pounds(59kg), while southern wolves are much smaller, weighing in at about 50 pounds(23kg). Some wolves in the Middle East may weigh as little as 30 pounds(14kg).


    Ben is seven years old. His birthday is on February 2. He is a orange tabby cat. He loves high places like my bunk bed.  He doesn't like outdoors even the hall way. He has lived with us since he was a kitten. He is a scaredey cat.