PNE 2008
It's the best part of summer!

September 1, 2008

This was the first year that we went on the last day of the PNE. Surprisingly, the lineups appeared to be no longer than usual. However, we were pressed for time due to the curfew imposed by school starting the next day.

Our first stop, since we missed it last year, was the Peking Acrobats show. Do not try these at home.

Ribbons and Lions

Plate Spinning

The lumberjacks were back this year after many years of absence. However, we did not arrive early enough to get a seat. Therefore, only Jessica was able to see clearly.

Axe Throwing

Two-man Saw

Ellen and Rebecca wandered off to Safeway Farm Country when they realized the view wasn't going to improve and it was getting hot.

Safeway Farm Country

Jalapeno Jelly and Chocolate Sauce

After Jessica chose a new wand, we wandered through the barns.



We checked out the BBQ Chicken and decided to come back at suppertime.

BBQ Chicken

The Superdogs show was really good this year.


After the Superdogs show, we realized about a hundred other people thought BBQ Chicken was a good idea, too. So, we backtracked to the Colliseum Whitespot for supper.

And then it was time for the Spirit of the West concert.



But, we had to leave half way through to catch our bus.