Island Star Party

July 21-22, 2006

Jim, Rebecca, and Jessica went to the Island Star Party on the hottest weekend of the summer. Here is our tale of keeping our cool.

After parking our air-conditioned car at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, we spent 3 hours alternating between the few shady spots cooled by the ocean breeze outside and the air-conditioned inside of the ferry terminal. When we finally boarded a ferry, it was one of the newer S-class ferries, the Spirit of Vancouver Island. We arrived late to the star party and after setting up the tents, Jim and Jessica did some stargazing.

Saturday morning we were forced out of our tents by the heat at 8:00 am so we ate breakfast from Brenda's Kitchen and immediately headed for the beach at Shawnigan Lake. After getting too cold, we drove to the Tim Horton's in Duncan where the air-conditioning was set to just above freezing.

Afternoon found us back at the star party for the kid's craft session. Ask to see Jessica's picture frame and alien hat.

By now, it was really, really, really hot so we went back to the beach. It was at this point that Dad remembered he had a camera.

Jessica at beach

Here's another picture of Rebecca trying to avoid being photographed.

Rebecca splashing the camera

This is a picture of Jessica and her swim instructor.

Jessica and Rebecca in Shawnigan Lake

By the end of the lesson Jessica was swimming quite well.

Jessica swimming

After supper there was a talk on Moon science and a draw for door prizes. Jessica won a Space book and Rebecca won a map reading flashlight. Then the observing began.


Dark skies over clubhouse

Rebecca and Jessica went to bed cold and tired while Dad stayed up in his winter fleece and long pants.

Dark skies over red tent

Astronomer silhouette

Ursa Minor and Cassiopeia

We packed up early Sunday morning and went straight from breakfast to the ferry terminal. We arrived at the ferry terminal at 10:57 am and left at 11:00 am on the Spirit of Vancouver Island again.

Jessica and Rebecca

Here is a photo of the sister ship, Spirit of British Columbia.

Spirit of British Columbia

All in all, it was a pretty cool weekend.