Victoria Day Weekend

May 22-24, 2004

Our Friday night trip to Kamloops was rather stressful. The car was overheating and the provincial government charged us $10 to wait one and a half hours at Bottletop bridge! The car managed to survive and, thankfully, was easily fixed on Saturday morning.

Once we arrived in Anglemont, a big part of the weekend was spent watching and photographing wildlife. A longer lens is on order, so hopefully we'll get a photograph of the shy Lazuli Bunting next time.



Little Red Bird

Earl and Raquel are here this summer.



Believe it or not, Uncle Glen lost a game of Uno Stacko.

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On Sunday we hiked to the top of Copper Island with Jessica leading the way.

Jessica on trail

View from Copper Island

Group picture on Copper Island

Glen and his GPS

As we arrived in Merritt on our trip home, we heard there was a three hour wait at Bottletop bridge! So, we travelled the road from Merritt to Spences Bridge for the first time. It certainly was more scenic than 3 hours of bumpers on the Coquihalla.