Fall Photographs


Rebecca had a pool party for her birthday. Jessica really enjoyed swimming with the older kids.

Rebecca and Jessica

Ellen and Jessica were supposed to be watching Rebecca's soccer game at Westhill Park, but there must have been something more interesting elsewhere.

Ellen and Jessica

The next group of photographs are of Zachary, Alvaro, and Alberto playing basketball at College Park School.

Zachary layup

Alberto jumpshot

Zachary jumpshot

After basketball, everyone went to play at the playground, including Jessica.

Jessica climbing

Jessica sliding

Alberto, Alvaro, and Zachary

Later in the week, Jessica and Ellen returned to the playground.

Jessica and Ellen



This picture is of the Coquitlam Town Centre area at sunset. Some nights the sky is a deep shade of purple behind the towers. However, not on this night.

Coquitlam Town Centre at sunset