The Fair at the PNE

Do it all at PNE 2003!

Our annual trip to the PNE was August 22 this year. We went to our usual favourites, starting with Monster Motor Madness. New this year was Draco the Dragonater. We were disappointed that he didn't drool on us.

The extreme motocross riders defied gravity again this year.

Flying motorcycle

The Eukanuba Superdogs ran a pinball course this year and many didn't make it through the course in the required time.

Running dog

A Superdog wannabe was tested against the North American Obedience Champion. Can you tell which is which?

Obedient dogs

The Cirque Pop performance was very similar to last year, except for the dancer who lost her top. Fortunately for the dancer, Ellen may have been the only person who noticed. Ellen said she did a very good job finishing the performance with one hand holding her top up.

Cirque Pop

Cirque Pop

Cirque Pop

Something new at the fair this year was Equestriana, a musical show starring 20 horses and riders. The show tells the story of a girl, Emily, and her horse, Pride.


Emily and Pride


The "BeeGees" were at the concert stage on this night.

BeeGees on Stage

Our final stop of the day was the Kids Area of Safeway Farm Country where Jessica enjoyed petting the little goats.

Another Kodak Max picture