The Fair at the PNE

The High Point of Summer!

We went to the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) with the Fang's and Carmie on August 31, 2002.

The wait for the PNE Prize Home was shorter this year. Thank you to Susan for the VIP tickets.

PNE Prize Home

The Secret Garden bedroom was a big hit with the girls in the group.

Girl's room in the prize home

The Superdogs put on an entertaining show, again. Their 25th year at the PNE.

Superdogs opening

This year we were cheering on the red team.

Superdogs race course

Racing dog

The Lipizzaner Stallions were performing at the Agrodome.

Lippizzaner Stallions

Cirque Pop 2k2 was popular, with sell out performances at every show.

Cirque Pop 2k2

The show was a mix of music, dance, and acrobatics.

Cirque Pop 2k2

The Dynamics were performing at the concert stage.

The Dynamics

The Dynamics

At Monster Motor Madness, we saw Monster Truck racing.

Mini Monster Trucks

Okay, so those weren't the real monster trucks. The real monster trucks were much bigger and much louder. Many of the performances at the fair were loud, but the monster trucks were voted the loudest.

Jurassic Attack monster truck

Cleanliness was the theme at this year's PNE as everyone bought Super Mops at the Marketplace and we came home with 19 sample bars of soap.


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