March 7, 2002

Jessica is just hours old in this photo.


And of course everyone wants to hold a new baby. So, here are photos of everyone holding Jessica.

The proud parents.

Jim and Ellen holding Jessica

Big sister Rebecca.

Rebecca holding Jessica

Rebecca's friend Mafer.

Mafer holding Jessica

Big brother Zachary.

Zachary holding Jessica

Grandma Scott.

Grandma Scott holding Jessica

Uncle Glen and Auntie Susan.

Glen and Susan holding Jessica

Grandpa Scott.

Grandpa Scott holding Jessica

We interrupt the baby holding pictures to bring you a picture of Jessica on her own at 9 days of age.


We now return to photos of baby holding, starting with Grandma Peters.

Grandma Peters holding Jessica

Cousin Samantha.

Samantha holding Jessica

After all that baby holding, Jessica was tired, so she had a nap.

Jessica napping in the stroller

If you would like to get your photo on this page, you will have to hold Jessica.


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