Christmas in Anglemont

December 22-29, 2001

This was the first Christmas we spent at Grandpa and Grandma's house in Anglemont.

House with Christmas lights

After decorating the tree, we took a family picture.

Family photograph

Grandpa and Rebecca cleared the deck of snow.

Shovelling snow off the deck

Jim took advantage of the clear skies before Christmas to take some moon pictures. However, the skies were cloudy for the occultation of Saturn on the 28th.


Everyone had fun opening gifts and making our own "Twelve Days of Christmas" based on all the duplicate gifts.

Giftopening montage

We also enjoyed playing many games of Clue, Uno Stacko, Rummoli, Stock Ticker, and Balderdash.

Glen and Zachary, the high tech duo, were the only ones to play StarCraft and Advance Wars.

Zachary and Glen with their toys

A young eagle stopped fishing to pose for a photograph on the 27th.


The only fresh snow we received all week arrived on the day of our departure. We made it to Kamloops, but the slippery Coquihalla forced us to spend a night in Kamloops. We had a nice walk in the fresh snow, then went home the next day.


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